Chapter One

Our Story

A story of love and lust, fame and fortune, loneliness and loss, and the importance of faith, family and friends….

Elise Cheré is Hollywood’s Hottest and a thoroughly turbulent Tinseltown Temptress. In her rare private moments away from the cameras, the runways, the movie sets, and the seemingly never-ending burn of the spotlight, is just a broken, lonely little girl that is longing for love, but lost on how to find it.

Josh Jenkins is a handsome, wholesome, and humble former football star who is ready to give up on chasing Hollywood fame in favor of returning to his Hill Country home in Texas. But thanks to the relentless efforts of the best agent a best friend could ever have, the door to a dream awaits.

When People’s Most Beautiful and the no-name from nowhere come together under the directorial debut of Hollywood icon, Major MacKenzie, Elise and Josh become star-crossed lovers who make true movie magic.

But Cinderella’s fairy tale does not last long. The pernicious princess slips back into bad habits of pills and powder, bars, and booze, leaving her knight in shining armor begging for his broken heart. As he falls deeper and deeper under Elise’s spell, he finds there is no refuge for him—no sideline to retreat to and no stage right to exit. Josh Jenkins has a choice to make.

The lazy haze that hangs over Hollywood sets in on the two bright stars as they fall from grace. Elise Cheré and Josh Jenkins will need strength and light from their faith, family, and friends to find their way home.


  • From Hollywood to Gruene hits the mark targeting both secular and religious audiences alike. This bullseye is a difficult one to find, but Jordan shoots the audience straight taking no shortcuts in developing flawed characters all readers will fall for.

  • The best book I’ve read in years. A true to Texas gem! From Hollywood to Gruene will rock you with emotion—taking readers on a ride they won’t forget. Seriously…I almost cried and I’m a guy.

    San Antonio Express News
  • Jordan takes readers from the Hollywood Hills to the Texas Hill Country; from a football field to a movie set; and from the depths of drugs and despair to the light and grace found in redemption. For all who believe in second chances…From Hollywood to Gruene is for you.


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