Welcome to the Jungle

The Curse of Clark, Texas

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What readers are saying...

"Audiobook of the year!" Jordan brings his characters to life, and the 1980's to your doorstep with this riveting story."
-- Amazon Publishers
“Welcome To The Jungle—The Curse of Clark, Texas is a marvelous mix of true-crime and 1980’s nostalgia! Think: Fatal Attraction collides with Fast Times at Ridgemont High! A must read only exceeded by the audiobook version!”
-- Amazon Publishing
“In an era where every outlet is starving for good content—Welcome To The Jungle—The Curse of Clark, Texas shines bright above the rest!”
-- Amazon Publishing
"This was a great overall true crime book, I really didn't know anything about the event. It was written well and had a great researched feel to it. I thought it told the story in a respectful way and I was glad I got to read this."
-- Amazon Reviewer