From Hollywood to Gruene

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Many thanks and much appreciation for your interest in From Hollywood to Gruene.  Please take advantage of previewing Chapters 1-3…it’s FREE!  My hope is that you will love these key players as much as I do…and want to keep reading.

I did not want this novel to fit into any particular “box.”  It’s a love story aimed at both women and men—a truly great read for couples.  I wanted the book to resonate with both “secular” and “religious” audiences alike—no shortcuts were taken in depicting flawed characters lost in extreme situations.

Feel the desperation of loneliness and loss…experience how hard lust and love can hammer a heart…and discover that fame and fortune can never fill an empty soul.  For all who need some grace, strength and light…take the journey From Hollywood to Gruene.

In the end, the characters, the courtship, the conflict and the conclusion speak to all who believe in second chances.  So, whether you’re from the hills of Hollywood, CA or Gruene, TX…we all want to find a peaceful place in this life that we can call “home.”

Keep your eyes to the sky,

J.R. Jordan Jr.

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